Azerbaijan visa requirements

Azerbaijan visa requirements

Visitors to Azerbaijan must obtain a visa from one of the Azerbaijani diplomatic missions, unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries, countries eligible for visa on arrival or countries eligible for electronic visa From . Visitors must hold passports that are valid for at least 3 months beyond the intended period of stay.

Azerbaijan introduced electronic visas for citizens of designated countries in January 2017. The system is called ASAN Visa and the visas are issued for a single-entry visit up to 30 days.

Electronic visas are issued only to the citizens of the countries below

About e-Visa:

  • The e-Visa is issued within 3 (three) working days.
  • e-Visa applications can be created for an individual, for a family (minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 persons) or for a group (minimum of 10 and maximum of 300 persons).
  • The necessary data required for the e-Visa should be entered directly into the system.
  • The fee for the e-Visa is paid electronically via the system.
  • The e-Visa is sent to the e-mail address of an applicant.

About visa form:

  • The requirements of the second part of Document 9303 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have been taken into account in the e-Visa form issued for a visit of foreigners and stateless persons to the Republic of Azerbaijan. The e-Visa form is in A4 format.
  • There is a special machine-readable code on the upper-right hand part the e-visa form.
  • If a foreigner or a stateless person has obtained several e-Visas, he/she should leave the country with the one that was used to enter the country.
  • In case of loss, an e-Visa form can be re-printed from the Portal or e-email.