Austria visa requirements

Austria visa requirements

Austria visa requirements:

  • Visa application form (original) (see here).
  • Passport (at least 2 blank pages for visa purposes, must be valid for at least 90 days beyond the return date of the trip to the Schengen Area)
  • Photocopies of previous Schengen visas endorsed in an old passport and issued in the last 3 years, if applicable.
  • Two identical photos. (passport size photo)
  • Travel insurance (has to be valid throughout the complete territory of the Schengen Area and must cover the entire period of the applicant’s intended stay in the Schengen Area; the minimum coverage for medical emergency and repatriation must be 30.000 €)
  • Round-trip Flight Itinerary.
  • Proof of accommodation (hotel, hostel ...)
  • Proof of funds. ( Latest 3 months  of bank statements )

  • If employed:
  1. Employment contract.
  2. Current bank statement of the latest 3 months.
  3. Leave permission from the employer.

  • If self-employed:
  1. A copy of your business license.
  2. Company bank statement of the latest 3 months.
  3. Income Tax Return.

  • If a student:
  1. Proof of enrollment in university, college or school.